1. #001Overview


    my name is Jenny and I started this blog to follow my struggle through a life without my family (that sounded so dramatic) as I am moving away for college. I have never lived by myself before and in school I learned a lot of things (x=b^2-+4ac/2a; I can say this in my sleep tbh), but not how to take care of myself (I guess my mum taught me the basics I hope?). So I want to share my path on learning all these things on my own and how I struggle so you can learn from me (and laugh about me..) and make better mistakes than me :P

    I will also post updates and pictures of new, weird and hot people I meet and really everything I think is worth sharing (pretty cats are in fact worth sharing; but also fooood).

    I would love for you to follow me and walk this fucked up way of a new chapter with me.